Toronto based drummer, Max Senitt, has been playing music for longer than he can remember. He started in his crib, kicking the side with a surprisingly steady pulse. By the age of seven, interest in "skillful banging" continued to escalate, and a drum set was appropriately purchased. Now with more than 30 years of drumming under his belt, Max shows no signs of slowing down. The beautiful sounds of music from all around the world continue to inspire and feed his deep thirst for musical knowledge.

Max maintains a busy freelance career playing a wide range of musical styles with many highly acclaimed Juno and Grammy Award winning artists .
Past and present credits include:


Josh Groban

Selcuk Suna

Alex Cuba
Hilario Duran

Gord Sheard

Ivan Mazuze
Carol Welsman

Eliana Cuevas

Gary Morgan and Panamericana

Etienne Charles

The Flying Bulgars


Elizabeth Shepherd

Odessa Havana

Also an active educator and published author. Has conducted workshops/clinics in public schools, high schools, and universities in Canada, Trinidad, and Colombia.

Max Senitt is endorsed by:

Yamaha Drums

Evans Drumheads

Paiste Cymbals

Headhunter Drumsticks

Pure Sound Snare Wires


Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies - Thompson Rivers University

Music Performance Diploma (Jazz) Graduated with Honours - School of Creative & Performing Arts, Humber College


"I really enjoyed playing with Max. His heavy listening skills, sensitivity to the universal vibe of things, and commitment to all of the work that comes before the rehearsal are invaluable" - Kristin Fung

"Max was such a treat to work with in the studio: thoughtful, friendly, creative and genius on the drums and percussion!"
- Nancy Cassidy

"Consumate pro Max Senitt is, and a joy to work with a drummer with his talent, chops, and above all, sensitivity. Not to mention his deep pocket." - Gord Zubrecki

"Max's musicality, taste and professionalism are beyond reproach. He's the complete package: a great drummer and a mensch." - Jason Rosenblatt

"I'm really happy with all of your success. You are a great inspiration to all drummers!" - Eddie Kalwa

"You are a drummer I wish for...a part of the band, not right on top of the band, and right in the pocket. I try to tell drummers try to imagine each beat as a note not just a beat and you achieve that so well."
- Hope Clayburn

"If a drummer can make a small band such as a trio feel good, then that is indeed a great drummer. Max has that in him. Great team player. I really love playing with you Max. Thank you for all the heart you put into my music." - Alex Cuba

"Max Senitt is one of my favourite new drummers on the scene today. He has a great passion for music and an incredible amount of dedication to his craft. He sounds excellent in a variety of different styles and I've been happy to use him as a sub for me when needed."- Mark Kelso

"Max is a pro. No matter what genre, count on him to make it groove. On top of being a fantastic drummer, Max brings a unique openness and excitement to his teaching. If you haven't checked out his online lessons, what are you waiting for?!"- Derek Gray

"Your playing is so intense and completley riveting! The music making of your group was totally compelling - what an awesome musical event at our school!" - Tom Regina Head of Music at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School

"Max Senitt was an inspirational teacher during our drumming classes at Montrose Public School. He demonstrated basic drumming technique, but he also inspired us to ‘use our ears’ as our most important tool for music making. As a teacher I learned a lot from his tips regarding technique and the use of the metronome. I have already integrated many of the ideas into my bucket drumming classes. The students loved the class as well."
-Susan Wieler (Music Teacher K-6)

Selcuk Suna "Turkish Standards/Non-Standard" - 2017
The Willows "Tea for Three" - 2017
Beyond The Pale "RUKUS" 2017
The Jay Danley Band "EthioJazz Vol.I" - 2017
The Night Porters "The Night Porters" - 2016
Maddy Rodriguez "Man Overboard" - 2016
Nancy Cassidy "Jim Along Jo" - Twitter Twatter Music 2015
Maddy Rodriguez "Fascinated" - 2015
Yuka "Pitfall" - 2014
Maddy Rodriguez "You Can't Hide" - 2014
"Baddest Beatz" Vol. 5 - 2014
Zebrina "Hamidbar Medaber" - Tzadik Lable 2014
Numerous Demos/Soundtracks various artists - 2012-2015
Kristi Magraw "Everybody has the gift to heal themselves" - 2011
Saccha Dennis "Ready or Not" - 2011
Juan Valencia "Para Mi Amor" - Somerset/Universal Records - 2011
Pablo Terry "The Island" - 2010
Zebrina "Trail of the Hunter-Gatherers" - 2010
The Flying Bulgars (Klezmer band) "Into Light" - 2009
Saccha Dennis "Something Good"-2009
KC Roberts and the Live Revolution "Parkdale Funk" - 2009
Janelle Monique "You go to my Head" ZafeMuzik - 2008
Matheus Bond " Stirring the Insides" - 2008
The Cafe Ole " Cuanto Tardare" - 2007
Plan C "Volar" ISS Records - 2007
Trevor Casemore's Department Store "Disguise" Cellar Records - 1996


2006 Glen Feddich Award for Excellence in Achievement at Humber College
2005 Taye Drum Award for Excellence in Achievement at Humber College
1990 David Kelly Award for Solo Percussion – North Hastings Music Festival